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Jet Ski Safari On The Gold Coast

Most people travelling to the Gold Coast love to spend time at the beach. Being on the beach offers tourists a wide variety of water sports like boating, island hoping, diving, surfing, hiking, camping and series of activities that the hotel offers like land tours and jet ski safari in Gold Coast.

Jet Ski Safari with Dolphins

Jet Ski Gold Coast with dolphins

Jet ski safari’s on the Gold Coast will give anyone an exhilarating and thrilling way to explore miles of mangrove wilderness and along sandy water beaches. We offer different jet ski packages and tours that suit your needs and budget. With years of operating experience even beginners will have exciting and thrilling fun jet skiing with the help of our professional instructors.

We offer Jet ski safaris on the Gold Coast which will take you right off the coast and along waterways to untamed places that not even locals know about or explore. Think of it as an escape to your own paradise with professional instructors to keep you safe and in right track. Our specialist will conduct orientation for tour itinerary, map, guidelines, rules and regulations, and most importantly safety measures.

All tours include an expert to guide you through operating the jet ski and find your appropriate speed – slow, medium, and fast we’ show you different manoeuvres even through waves if you have a licence. This is to ensure that after the orientation.

Do not worry if you’re a first timer, most of our customers are beginners or have never been on a jet ski before. Our specialist will make sure that you will have the hang of it before letting you go on your own but if you prefer to ride the craft with an expert that works too. All you need to do is relax and take your time to get the feel of the speed and how to operate it properly.

If you have some experience riding the jet ski and are very confident on your own, you can speed up and develop your own tricks. We have 1000cc jet skis that can provide your desired speed, 100hp on a light ski is a lot of power under your seat. Buoys courses makes jet skiing more interesting, you can cruise along at your own comfortable pace while enjoying the scenery and horizons. You may see dolphins, wallabies, turtles, and even wild pigs that occupy this beautiful jet ski tracks.

The open water requires vigilant concentration while enjoying your Gold Coast Jet ski safari. You will learn about water etiquette. As the operator cannot afford getting destructed while on water, which means you need to impose a level of critical concentration. The rider must have constant diligent attention towards boats, skiers, other jet skis, divers, speedboats, and water crafts. It is vital that you maintain constant attention between you, your vehicle, other crafts, and people in and on the water to avoid accidents. Distractions can result in a serious accidents or injuries. Always be cautious and yet do not spoil the FUN!

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